Marine Contractor Near Me faces unique risks that can impact their ability to deliver projects. The right insurance agent can provide streamlined insurance products and loss control advice before a marine contractor submits a bid.Marine Contractors

Whether you’re building docks, taming erosion with seawalls or installing the perfect boat lift, make sure your marine construction contractor has stable leadership and a history of delivering results.

Marine contractors are a vital part of the construction process of many important water-side structures, including jetties and boat lifts. They have specialize skills and knowledge that make them more qualified to build and repair these essential water-side projects than contractors who work exclusively on land. Marine contractors also face unique exposures that require a customized insurance program.

When choosing a marine contractor, it’s important to ask about their licenses and insurance. A reputable marine contractor will be able to provide you with detailed information about their licensing and insurance requirements, including the specific coverages that they have in place. This will help you determine if they are a legitimate company that can be trusted with your project.

You should also look for a marine contractor with adequate workers’ compensation and commercial general liability insurance. This is because you want to be sure that if an accident or incident occurs on site, your interests are protected. Additionally, marine contractors often use heavy machinery that poses additional risks for injury.

Another question to ask a marine contractor is whether they have any references and testimonials from previous clients. This will give you an idea of their level of professionalism and quality of work. If a marine contractor is reluctant to provide you with references, this may be a red flag and should be a reason for you to look elsewhere.

Marine contractors are required to have a state-issued license for marine construction services. This includes the construction, demolition, installation, alteration or repair of public and private tidal wetlands and coastal restoration and protection projects, including dredging, filling, groins, stone sills, beach nourishment, revetments, cofferdams, wave attenuators, dune crossovers and seawalls.

Because marine contractors are tasked with working in an environment that’s both highly specialized and regulated, they can be exposed to unique risks that can shutter their businesses and sink their profits. For example, if an accidental spill of fuel or other chemicals damages the environment, they could be held responsible and sued for the cost of cleanup and remediation. To protect themselves from these types of losses, a good marine contractor will have environmental liability as an integral part of their customized insurance program.


Marine Contractors are involved with the construction and development of structures within marine environments. They need specialized insurance to protect themselves and their clients from the risks that come with this work. This is why it is essential to have a marine contractors insurance policy in place before starting any projects.

Marine insurance carriers understand the complexities of the maritime industry and are well-equipped to handle the unique risks that come with marine construction projects. These policies can cover a variety of issues, including property damage, environmental liability, and workers’ compensation.

A reputable marine contractor insurance provider will offer a comprehensive package that includes specific coverages designed to protect marine contractors. These may include marine general liability, products and completed operations liability, commercial hull, protection and indemnity (P&I), Bumbershoot insurance or umbrella insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Accidents and injuries can happen on any job site, and they can be even more costly in the marine industry. This is why it’s important for marine contractors to have a worker’s comp insurance policy in place to help pay for any expenses that may occur due to an employee getting hurt on the job.

Whether working on a dock, wharf, or other marine structure, it is critical for marine contractors to consider the potential environmental impact of their work. This includes not only any accidental spills of fuel or other chemicals that could harm natural resources, but also any long-term effects on the plants, animals, and people that depend on these waters for their livelihood. As such, having an environmental insurance policy that covers clean-up costs and other liabilities is vital.

Marine contractors are expected to maintain complex structures, which means there is a high risk of making a mistake. When this happens, it can lead to a lawsuit accusing the marine contractor of negligence, costing them money in legal defence and settlement fees. This is why having professional liability insurance in place is important for marine contractors.

It is also important for marine contractors to carry general and commercial auto insurance as well as business interruption insurance. This will provide coverage in case of an unexpected event that affects the productivity and profitability of their business. Finally, it is important for marine contractors to have cyber liability insurance as this type of coverage safeguards their digital assets.


Marine contractors work in an environment where they are exposed to a variety of risks. Their operations often share waterways with a growing volume of vessels and they may have limited visibility while working at a fixed location. This creates a high risk for third party collision and requires that they have proper lighting to ensure that they are visible to other vessels. Moreover, marine contractors are exposed to the elements, making them more vulnerable to weather-related interruptions that can significantly impact project timelines and quality of work.

A marine contractor’s years of experience will play a big role in their ability to meet your project timelines, budgets and expectations. Choosing an experienced marine contractor can help you avoid costly mistakes and delays. When choosing a marine contractor, consider their past projects and ask for references from previous clients to get a sense of their reliability and expertise.

Whether it is building sturdy docks, taming erosion with resilient seawalls or installing the perfect boat lift for your trusty vessel, you want to hire a marine contractor that has extensive industry experience and a proven track record of success. You can learn a lot about a marine contractor’s commitment to their work by reviewing their website and social media pages to see how long they have been in business, their client satisfaction ratings, the scope of their work and more.

In addition to their technical training, marine contractors should be able to provide a diverse range of services in both coastal and freshwater construction. Their work can involve everything from building residential docks to large-scale public waterfront improvements, offering a fulfilling career and the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio of projects.

Furthermore, many public projects require that marine contractors be bonded in order to qualify for the contract. A bond will prove that the marine contractor is committed to completing their work and upholding their contractual obligations. It can also serve as a guarantee that the marine contractor will pay any financial damages incurred by the project owner in the event of a failure to fulfill their obligations.

Referrals and Testimonials

You should always ask a marine contractor for references and testimonials from past clients. This is an important part of making your final decision because it enables you to know what kind of work they have done in the past and their satisfaction level with that work. You can also learn a lot about how they treat their customers by talking to them about their experiences working with the contractor.

You want to know that the company you hire has a solid track record in the business and can meet the project requirements in terms of timing and cost. In addition to that, you want to know how the marine contractor handles changing market conditions. Some companies are not built for the long term and struggle to remain profitable when market conditions change, which can cause them to cut costs by slashing safety, insurance, maintenance, and other expenses.

When you are choosing a marine contractor, make sure they have the experience to manage large projects. They should be able to deliver high-quality results that are worth the money. They should also have the technical knowledge of handling different aspects of your coastal marine project, such as designs, boat lifts, jetties, bulkheads, and environmental factors.

Another important question is to find out what type of equipment they will be using on your project. Large projects require heavy equipment that can damage your property if it is not handled properly. You should also find out how the company will move that equipment around your property and if it will affect your landscaping or vegetation.

In addition, you should also ask about the quality of their work and if they stand behind it. If they don’t, you should avoid them at all costs because they are likely to perform shoddy work and leave you with problems later on. In some cases, they may even fail to complete the project.